About Us

This site includes results obtained by our group in relation to legal regulation in stable collaboration among businesses, and in particular in business networks. We address from relationships formed by exchange bilateral contracts that generate franchising, licensees, selective suppliers or agents and contract networks, to more complex contractual and corporate organisational structures, such as strategic alliances, joint ventures, UTEs, European economic interest groups, businessmen cooperatives, producers or service providers’ cooperatives, or large professional associations.

We pay special attention not only to contractual or corporate legal issues, but also to intellectual property, technology transfers, competition and unfair competition. We have included information and visual material on the activities and publications we’ve worked on, as well as related news and case law.

By means of this site, arbitration, mediation and consulting services from our members can be contracted, as well as contacting us for expert opinions, research projects, internal formative sessions or legal notes.

Editors: Juan Ignacio Ruiz Peris y Carlos Gómez Asensio